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Top Ten Reasons to Take a Tour With Lodestar Tours


We do the driving.

You’re free of the hassles of traffic, roadmaps, parking and backseat drivers. You’re finally free of distractions and responsibilities; free enough to enjoy the travel while our professional drivers handle the wheel.


Finally, YOU can see the sights.

What good is it to drive through the scenic mountains, countrysides, and cities of the Nation if your entire field of view is of a broken white line or the bumper ahead? In a Lodestar motorcoach, your own panoramic window is a magic carpet.


Sleep if you’d like.

Today’s luxury motor coach provides you with stylish and comfortable recliner seats. This is what luxury travel used to be like.


Socialize with friends.

If you’d rather visit with friends and fellow travelers, you can do it virtually any time you feel up to it. There’s no better way to meet new acquaintances or to enjoy the company of old friends than the adventure of travel together.


Enjoy a movie.

Can’t sleep? Not up to conversation? In most cases, you can now enjoy a full-length feature film or video while you travel.


Save money.

There is no more economical way to travel. Period. You’ll be surprised to find that luxury doesn’t come at a high price on today’s motorcoach. In most cases, each traveler’s share of the cost of a professional motorcoach will be far less than other modes of public transportation and even less than private autos. By the way, have you ever tried to coordinate the movements of 20 separate cars for a single trip? Do you really want that headache again?


Door-to-door service.

Your charter coach can go where you are and take you to where you want to be. There’s no substitute for the tremendous convenience of a motorcoach’s door-to-door service. Nor is there a substitute for the security and peace-of-mind which comes from that service. You don’t have to worry about dark parking lots in strange cities or shady characters on street corners.


Consider the environment.

Seeing America responsibly also means leaving the beauty intact for the next visitors. Today’s motorcoach has become both fuel efficient and environmentally-sound. On a per passenger basis, a modern motorcoach is among the cleanest modes of transportation in the world.


Safety… Safety… Safety…

In the world of the professional motorcoach industry, there is nothing more important than safety. Accident statistics maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, part of the USDOT) bear this out year after year. According to their records, you were 1,097 times more likely to experience a fatal accident in your own car during 2006 than aboard a motorcoach.


You love to be surprised.

Frankly, if your last trip by motorcoach was more than ten years ago, you have a treat in store for you. This isn’t the bus you rode to elementary school or home from college. This isn’t the way you came back from visiting Uncle Fred. Today’s European style motorcoach is a delight. And as America’s professionals, we’ll delight in surprising you with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clothing/Food Should I Bring on Tour?

Casual, comfortable clothing and walking shoes are suggested for daytime travel. Passengers may want to bring sweaters, jackets or light blankets on the coach due to air-conditioning. You are welcome to bring snacks with you for the bus. For passengers with health problems or special diets, please bring any necessary food or drinks that are required.

How Early Should I Arrive at Lodestar for My Pick-Up?

Lodestar recommends that you arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes, but no more than thirty (30) minutes prior to the departure time.

Is there Assigned Seating on the Coach?

All seats are reserved at the time you book your tour. The earlier you book your tour, the better chance you will have to get the seat of your choice.

What if I need Two Beds in My Room and Can I Request A Smoking Room?

If you need two double beds in your room, please request that at the time of booking. We request non-smoking for all hotel rooms. If you prefer to stay in a smoking room, please advise us at the time of booking so we can try to accommodate your request. Lodestar Tours cannot guarantee two double beds at every hotel or smoking rooms, but we will certainly do our best to meet the requests of all our passengers.

Is the Driver's Gratuity Included?

Yes, we include the driver’s gratuity on all of Lodestar tours.

What is Your Smoking Policy on Your Motor Coaches?

For the comfort of all passengers, smoking and any use of tobacco is not permitted on any of Lodestars motor coaches. Rest stops will be made frequently (every 2-3 hours) to accommodate those who wish to smoke and to allow a comfort stop for all of our passengers.